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One of the aspects of worship that everyone seems reluctant to talk about is tithing. I think that’s due, at least in part, to the fact that churches don’t want to be accused of only caring about money. This is one of the big criticisms of churches by people who don’t attend. To be fair, there are a few examples of churches that do focus on money. But that’s not biblical. And that’s not the heart behind tithing that we foster at Frontier.

At Frontier, we see giving of our gifts and tithes as an integral part of worship. As we give back to God a portion of what He’s blessed us with, we’re declaring with our actions that He owns it all – it all belongs to Him. We’re also giving members of the church an opportunity to participate in the Kingdom work that God is doing through the church. When we give back to God, with a heart of submission to God, He is worshipped. And that’s the goal –

This is why we collect the offering in the middle of our worship service – because in tithing we get the chance to physically participate in worshipping God. 

While we’ve always had a special time in the service for the offering (and we probably always will), we also recognize that times are changing. People don’t carry cash like they once did. Many people don’t write checks anymore. Everything is done electronically. We don’t want to leave people out on the opportunity to worship God through tithing simply because they don’t write checks. so we now have an option to give online. You can even designate what your gift is for – a tithe, missions gift, Kodiak Island Outreach, or a gift to fund a special project of the church. Simply click on the button below, follow the directions, and set up your account!

Give Online!

Once your account is set up the first time, subsequent gifts will be fast and easy. We encourage you to download the app to your phone as well, which is available after your first gift. May God bless you as you seek new ways to worship Him! He alone is worthy of our worship. We’re excited to be able to offer you another way to declare, with your actions, that Jesus Christ is Lord of your life.